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mesics GmbH

Mesics GmbH is a medical science software developer headquartered in Münster, Germany. It has specialized in a highly-specific range of software solutions since 1993. These include medical device controls such as biosensor lactate measuring systems, lactate performance diagnostics and spirometry and training profiling and control software for trainers and athletes. The past fifteen years have seen significant progress in biosensoric measuring systems of blood samples, making quick analysis of current training levels possible.

Labourious and complex manual computations and analyses of test results, once only possible at specialized universities and Olympic centers, are now rapidly performed by our software-based mathematical algorithms.

The challenge we faced was to integrate a wide range of mathematical assessment models with countless and sophisticated model analysis theories advanced by many German sports universities. The process had to be highly automated, yet adaptable to individually-interpretable input data formatted to fit our software solution.

Starting in 1993, a close association with the Deutsche Skiverband DSV (German FIS) resulted in our first software-based analysis system.

Subsequently, we have significantly expanded our affiliations with other universities, clinics, and Olympic centers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. A powerful body of knowledge and software experience has become the basis for our proprietary software known as “winlactat”. This program has become the standard tool in Germany for professional lactate performance diagnostics. We then enhanced the versatility of the software by collaboration with other international software and hardware manufacturers and distributors. The result is the integration of automatic controls into measuring and training equipment (e.g. treadmills and lactate analysers) with “winlactat” and its related OEM versions. Today our program is well-known in Europe, the Far East, the United States, Mexico and Australia.

We are thus in a unique position to offer our customers a state-of-the-art diagnostic software package supported by superior technical customer service.